Ethical Management

We will be at the forefront of fulfilling our social responsibilities and conducting corporate activities based on proper corporate ethics.

HHI regards ethics as the top priority in carrying out all business activities and
performs all company systems and business processes in a transparent and fair manner.

Ethical Management Goals


  • Customer
  • Society
  • Employee
  • Partner
  • Shareholder
  • “Customer satisfaction management”

    Protection of customers’ rights and interests,

    respect for customer value

    and realization of customer impression

  • “Social responsibility management”

    Internalization of ethical management,

    establishment of correct corporate culture,

    and compliance with social responsibilities and regulations

  • “Mutual respect management”

    Creating a flexible corporate culture,

    mutual respect and human resource development,

    and establishment of management system for change and innovation

  • “Win-win management”

    Establishment of fair trade

    and mutual cooperation relationships,

    and pursuit of reasonable mutual development

  • “Efficiency management”

    Sound and transparent management,

    protection of shareholders’ interests,

    and providing the best value

All employees in HHI practices the following to become a trusted and respected company
while conducting the work ethically and legally based on ‘honesty and trust’
and carrying out the establishment of a fair and transparent trade order and social responsibilities faithfully
by deeply recognizing that they are the driving force of corporate competitiveness.

Our Ethical Charter

We pursue customer satisfaction.

We put customer satisfaction as a top priority, actively respond to customers’ needs and expectations, respect customers, and pursue the realization of customer satisfaction and improvement in customer happiness through the provision of the best quality and services.

We seek mutual development with our partners.

We seek mutual cooperation by not only giving fair opportunities to all our partners, but also creating a transparent trading environment. And, we try to develop together with them while establishing mutual trust without cheating.

We value the happiness of our employees.

We do our tasks in a fair way, give equal opportunities, and build the right organizational culture based on mutual trust, respect and consideration.

We ensure our shareholders’ rights and interests.

We ensure our shareholders’ rights through transparent decision making and efficient management activities by protecting their interests and treating them all fairly and equally through management innovation and growth and development.

We contribute to national and social development.

We do our best to contribute to the national economy development through sound corporate activities by establishing the right moral and ethical values, respecting national and social values, and complying with the rules.

We promise everything mentioned above.

We will do our best for our duties by priding ourselves on being an employee of HHI and act honestly and wisely by always observing the proprieties as an upright construction engineer.