About HHI

We always go with you forever.

Founding Stage


'Heunghwa Works Limited Partnership', the mother company of Heunghwa was founded in 1940. At the same time as the company's establishment, we built all of the small or large bridges in the country that time starting from the Bridge construction in Imjin River to Amnok River, Daedong River, Han River, and Nakdong River. Heunghwa Works, which was selected as a designated factory by the Ministry of Transportation, installed the railroads everywhere in Korea at that time and was also responsible for 99% of the steel structures.

  • 1940 Daedong River Bridge
  • 1942 Amnok River Bridge
  • 1943 Han River Railroad Bridge
  • 1944 Nakdong River Bridge
  • 1967 Seomnjin 1st River Bridge

Leaping Stage


In 1970, the company changed its name to 'Heunghwa Industrial' and expanded the business domain further after acquiring civil engineering and construction business license. Starting with the construction of the Busan 2nd Bridge in the civil engineering business, we have built solid construction capabilities based on the cumulative construction know-hows from performing a variety of projects expanding from roads and bridges to railroads, housing sites, and environmental developments. Also, in the construction business, the company actively carried out in a wide range of projects domestically and globally such as government works, apartments, and special facilities related to education, religion, and history. Consequently, all these efforts made the company to solidify its position as a total construction company.

  • 1980. 01 Busan 2nd Bridge
  • 1988. 09 Chunghyeon Church
  • 1990. 12 Public life hall for Memorial Olympic
  • 1995. 06 Samcheok Arthall
  • 1998. 12 Extension & Pavement, Yangsu-Deokpyeong Road

Growth Stage


Heunghwa, which has solidified its position as a total construction company in Korea, has entered a new business to enhance its competitiveness. The company launched its first luxury apartment brand, ‘Hunghwa Brownville’, achieving the outstanding results and continued to grow in overseas markets, for instance, HHI apartment in Laos and ADB road construction in the Philippines. In 2009, we changed the company name to 'HHI' and enhanced the competitiveness further as a total construction company.

  • 2005. 10 Pohang Prison
  • 2006. 08 Heunghwa Brownvill Apartment, Weonju Taejangdong
  • 2006. 12 Extension & Pavement, Jinju-Jiphyeon Road
  • 2009. 04 Gyeongbu Express Gimcheon station Railroad
  • 2009. 07 Laos HHI apartment

Development Stage


HHI dreams and practices higher leaps. As launching the premium residential brand “HaaV”, we have not only made a big difference in our existing main business through excellent construction capability and quality management, but we have been also continuously challenging new businesses. HHI, which marks its 80th anniversary in 2020, will solidly continue the history of HHI by actively responding to the changing environments to become a company with a 100-year history.

  • 2013. 08 Honam Express Railroad Lot2-1
  • 2013. 12 Mekong River Intergrated management Project in Vientiane
  • 2014. 10 Jumunjin-Sokcho Highway Lot4
  • 2017. 12 Samsung Semiconductor Building in Pyeongtaek
  • 2018. 06 HHI HaaV Apartment, Gongju Wolsong