CEO Greeting

HHI, a company for 100 years, will take the lead.

Message from CEO

“We promise that we will do our best continuously to grow as a beloved and trusted company. ”

-CEO of HHI Sung-In Yang


Hello, we would like to say that it’s such a pleasure to greet customers who visited HHI’s official web-site.
I am CEO Sung-In Yang

HHI has focused on construction projects centered on public works, such as roads, bridges, etc., by actively participating in the expansion of social overhead capital facilities, that is to say the foundation of national growth, since we started our business as a HeungHwa Mill Limited Partnership in 1940. Moreover, we have continued to grow in many areas, from architecture to housing and grown into a general contractor with technical skills and management capacity by firming up substantial management. In addition, all employees are working together to make the best results based on the accumulated professional knowledge and skills so that they can provide customers with convenient and happy spaces.

From now on, HHI will continue to challenge and make an effort to not only reinforce our expertise but also to become a company which is 100 years old by preemptively responding to the constantly changing environment. We would like to say thank you very much again for your deep love and interest in HHI and promise you that we will continue our business activities as a beloved and trusted company.