Seobinggo ElevatedBridge

Civil Works

HHI, which has solidified the foundation of civil engineering for many years, are widely recognized for the excellence of our technical skills from various construction performances such as highways, subways, railways, harbors, environmental facilities, the preparation of housing sites, etc. We will be with you anywhere, anytime through our civil engineering business that connects humans and the world.


Myungdong Residential & Commercial Complex, Chuncheon

Architectural Works

HHI’s architectural culture, which aims to satisfy customers’ various needs and to create value, starts from the customer-centric point of view. The construction technique of HHI is focusing on creating a more comfortable and efficient architectural culture, beyond the existing simple space utilization concept.


HHI Haav Apartment

Housing Works

HHI is going its own way to make a strong, comfortable and beautiful house. We will do our best to create a new residential culture and realize customer satisfaction nationwide from HHI Apartment in Yeosu to HAAV Apartment in Gongju.


Hyohyeon Bridge

Steel Structural Works

HHI, has faithfully played a leading role in the steel structure industry, is pioneering a new steel structure culture through the craftsmanship of construction in the past 50 years.


Laos HHI Apartment

Overseas Works

HHI has spread its technology to the world through the construction experience of various buildings, such as industrial and office facilities, etc., in the Americas and 10 Southeast Asian countries. We will turn ourselves as a future global construction company by actively involving in the global construction market in the future.