Civil Works

We will always conduct corporate activities with a challenging attitude based on excellent technology and abundant construction experience.

The civil engineering, which is considered to be a very important factor in human life, is based on precise construction capacity. And, HHI has successfully completed various infrastructure and SOC industry projects through predetermined principles of engineering. Therefore, our road and bridge construction skills are being regarded as the industry’s best ones in terms of remarkable durability and utility. HHI is recognized for the excellent quality and capacity in the construction of not only steel bridges, but also subways, railways, residential land development, port infrastructure, etc. From now on, HHI will make constant efforts to lead the efficient development of the country through advanced technology and robust construction ability.
Major Performance
  • Bridge

    Sebinggo Bridge

    Sebinggo Bridge

    Client :

    Seoul Metropolitan Government

    Period :


    Location :

    Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

    Scale :